Production Monitoring & Inspection Services
Reducing risks in production delay and product conformity
Production Monitoring & Inspection Services
Production Monitoring
Provides ongoing tracking and reporting of production progress.
Low-cost pricing
Fast service
Detailed report
· Keep up-to-date on production
· Reduce risk of order delays
· View product details before shipment
Call to confirm production status
Periodic phone call
Quantity check
All  cartons
On-site check (one visit)
1 pc/item
Visual check
1 carton/item
Packaging, shipping mark and inner carton marking checks
Our Providers
Bureau Veritas
China Certification & Inspection Group
A global leader in inspection, testing and certification, BV provides high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety and social responsibility. BV has branches in more than 140 countries, and more than 1400 offices and laboratories around the world.
An independent third party certification and inspection organization dedicated to providing inspection, verification, certification and testing services. China Certificate & Inspection Group is a very influential and comprehensive organization in China, and enjoys a great reputation worldwide.
As one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, it has more than 2600 offices and laboratories around the world.
Service Type
Service Type
Service Type
Inspection, Testing, Certification, Verification
Inspection, Verification, Certification, Testing
Inspection, Testing, Certification, Verification
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Q: Can all buyers use the Inspection & Production Monitoring Service?

All buyers outside of mainland China can place an order for the Inspection Service.

Q: Which payment methods does the Inspection & Production Monitoring Service support?

The Inspection & Production Monitoring Service supports payments made with MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

Q: What happens after payment is completed for inspection order?

Inspection company receives an inspection task. They will notify both buyer and seller by email that they have received the task.

Q: With the Inspection Service, what aspects of the product(s) are checked?

· Product quantity
· Conformity (style, color, label, packing, and shipping mark)
· Workmanship (appearance and basic functions)
· Functionality (on-site check testing general functions and applications based on your product category)
· Contract product quality (on-site check/testing according to Trade Assurance contract quality requirements)
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Low Price
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Logistics Guarantee
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